2018 NROC Member Meeting

The Power of You - Member Meeting 2018

Conference Overview

March 4 – 7, 2018, in Monterey, California, education leaders convened for an energizing users’ conference shaped by NROC members like you. Together, we explored how innovative secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators are adapting NROC Math and English, HippoCampus, and EdReady to improve student success.

The Power of You

In today’s noisy education space — humming with mandates, initiatives, vendors, and so much more — individual voice and expertise is too often drowned out. We recognize that authentic student success can’t be forged without your unique contributions. This year, we were honored to showcase how NROC members are successfully meeting the needs of the modern learner and
changing institutions along the way.

Meeting Archive

Presentation Assets

Presenters, thanks for sharing your expertise at the meeting, and especially for sharing your related presentations and handouts here. If there are presentations you’d like, but don’t see posted, please reach out to the presenters directly through the Whova app, which will remain live for 6 months to serve your networking. If you’re still willing to share a presentation or handout for this archive, please email us.

Access the presentation assets here.