About Us

Today’s students face unprecedented barriers to academic and life success.

Nearly half of high school graduates in the United States are not prepared to begin postsecondary studies, and fewer than one quarter of these students will successfully complete college. NROC members are rewriting this narrative.

As a non-profit organization, NROC partners with educators to create open and low-cost courses and tools designed to recognize every student’s unique learning needs and preferences. These resources can be adapted and scaled to meet programmatic goals in a variety of instructional settings.

When your institution, system, or state becomes an NROC member, you enjoy affordable, unlimited access to NROC content, as well as thoughtful instructional resources, timely professional development, and responsive implementation and technical support. What’s more, you gain a community of connected, inspired, and highly skilled academics who regularly share how their practices are opening doors for learners historically left behind.