2019 NROC Member Meeting

Conference Overview

The education leaders with whom we work are indefatigable professionals patterning modern approaches to student success. Comprised of secondary, postsecondary, and adult education innovators, the NROC member hive is a community unafraid of experimentation and iteration, and their efforts result in improved access and equity which can extend beyond their institutions. The 2019 NROC Member Meeting offers members the opportunity to learn from and share fresh insights related to the implementation of NROC Math, NROC English, HippoCampus, and EdReady.

Join us for this energizing user conference, and take home replicable models for improving learner outcomes.

Meeting Archive

Monday, March 11

Welcome, Update and Opening Activity

Featured Speaker – Jake Reisdorf, Chief Executive Officer, Carmel Honey Company

Breakout Sessions

Getting Started with NROC

Getting Started with NROC Math – Dani Pedrotti and Jason Gipson-Nahman, The NROC Project

Getting Started with NROC English – Lynn Skorniak and Angie Smajstrla, The NROC Project

Getting Started with HippoCampus – Beth Pickett, The NROC Project

Getting Started with EdReady – Nicole McCabe, The NROC Project

College Readiness

Using EdReady Math and Reading as a Post-Secondary Readiness and Transitional Tool – Salwa Zito and Scott Scardena, William Paterson University
Master Math Assignment List Handout
Master Math Refresher Assignment List Handout

Implementing EdReady in the GEAR UP Program at CSUMB – Hongde Hu, Christian Smith, Alysia Goyer, California State University – Monterey Bay

EdReady for Statewide Placement Testing – Susan Barbitta, LaRonda Lowery, Taffy Graham, and Kelley Evans, North Carolina Community College System

Building Confidence and Success in English and Math through a High School-to-College Transitional Program for Unprepared 11th and 12th Graders – Henry Jackson, Ocean County College

Student Success

EdReady in College Preparation and Career Math Courses – Jolene Montoya, Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Applying EdReady Math in Specialized and Alternative Settings – Scott Wright, Intermediate District 287

Flip It! with NROC Math – Vicky Moyle, Andrea Johnson, Linde Hegeberg, and Lee Newton, Bellingham Technical College

EdReady for Self-Paced Learning in Adult Education (High School Equivalency) – Tina Hite, NM DELT


Statewide Communications and Professional Development Plan – Susan Barbitta, Kelley Evans, and LaRonda Lowery, North Carolina Community College System

EdReady Rollout, Training, Support, and Data Collection for Statewide Adult Basic Education Program – Cash Clifton and Terri Gustafson, NM DELT

New Expansion in Montana: English Professional Development Materials, State Prisons, and Summer Math Incentive Programs – Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Montana, and Bob Currie, Montana Digital Academy | EdReady Montana

Efficient Techniques for Building Goals / Study Paths, and How Data Evolved Our Process – Jason Leonard, Montana Digital Academy | EdReady Montana
Example goal naming spreadsheet
Example custom scope order form
Our collection of goal content menus


Applicability of Research on Product Design – Vic Vuchic, Digital Promise and Ahrash Bissell, The NROC Project

EdReady Development Brainstorm – Ahrash Bissell, President, and Nicole McCabe, the NROC Project, and Adrian Porras, Edify

Going Beyond Accessibility with Inclusive Design Thinking – Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Design Research Center, and Ahrash Bissell, President, The NROC Project

Tuesday, March 12

Getting Started with NROC

Getting Started with EdReady English – Jessica Everton, The NROC Project

NROC Support and Resources – Ben Jacobs and Marci Abraham, The NROC Project

College Readiness

Summer Math Attack Program: Adjusting Math Attitudes to Build Math – Selinea Moore-Allen and Carrie Riffee, Pikes Peak Community College
June 2017 EdReady Data Handout
July 2018 EdReady Data Handout
2018 Math Attack EdReady Assessment Handout
References for NROC and PDW

Using EdReady Bootcamp-style for SAT and ACT Preparation – Sherawn Reberry, Julie Best and Chris Conant, Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA)

Student Success

Rockin’ Redesign with NROC – Jenny Billings and Melissa Reid, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

If You Build It, They Will Come: Making EdReady Work for All Students – Leslie Snow, Saint Paul Public Schools (MN)

Comparative Study: EdReady, NROC English, No Red Ink, and a Control Group – Carrie Kirk, Jacksonville State University


Incubating New Models for Placement in Math and English – Jan Case and Christopher Mount, Jacksonville State University, and Toney Phifer, Chattanooga State Community College – Incubating New Models for Placement (Chattanooga State presentation)

Q & A Panel with Three Large-Scale Implementations – Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Montana; Susan Barbitta, North Carolina Community College System; Hae Okimoto, University of Hawaii System; Bob Currie, Montana Digital Academy; and Jessica Everton, The NROC Project


Program Evaluation Based on EdReady Data (Gathering Data for Case Studies) – Beth Pickett and Gary Lopez (CEO), The NROC Project


Check out the highlights reel from this year’s event.

Poster Sessions

Promoting Resources Throughout a System, OTAN (CA)
Promoting Resources Throughout a System Poster

Office Hour Initiative to Develop Self-Advocating Students, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College (NC)
Office Hour Initiative Poster

EdReady English and NROC English in Several Contexts, Brunswick Community College (NC)
EdReady English & NROC English Poster

Serving Learners in Alternative Settings, Intermediate School District 287 (MN)
Serving Learners in Alt Settings Poster

Math for Applied Science Programs, St. Phillips College, (TX)
Math for Applied Science Programs poster

NROC Accessibility Efforts
NROC Accessibility Efforts poster

NROC Network Member Support Panel
NROC Network Member Support Portal poster

Developing Successful EdReady Habits in MS & HS, EdReady Montana
Developing Successful EdReady Habits poster