Adult Education Welding Students Master Math and Technology Skills

The Inland Career Education Center (ICEC), in San Bernardino, California, used EdReady to help a group of welders master the math skills they would need to pass the national Beginning Welding Certification. Passing this certification enabled the students to join the workforce. For those who wanted to move forward with additional training, it also allowed them to gain endorsements in specialized welding programs.

In the spring of 2017, Rosa Leon Blanco, an academic instructor at ICEC, set out to integrate academic and technology skills into her CTE welding class. These welding students were kinesthetic learners who preferred to use their hands manipulating machinery and completing physical tasks. So, when Blanco asked them to sit down at a computer and login to EdReady, she was met with a great deal of resistance and comments like, “I don’t have an email. Do I need one for this class?” or “I hate computers!”

Read on to discover how Rosa implemented EdReady, and the outstanding results her students earned.

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