ON-DEMAND B2S Webinar Series

Are you searching for Open Educational Resources (OER), rich multi-media, and web-based tools to enhance instruction? Check out our back-to-school webinar series designed to help you imagine how NROC can support your initiatives. Put NROC’s Digital Resources to Work for You and Your Students NROC collaborates with educators to imagine, develop, test, and refine technologies[…]

Photograph of the Lifelong Learning Center in Montana

Differentiating Math Instruction for Adult Students

The Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) is an adult basic literacy education service offered through the Missoula County Public Schools Adult Education Division. The LLC prepares students to pass high school equivalency exams, succeed in college classes, and re-enter the workforce by providing reading, writing, and math instruction at multiple locations throughout Missoula, Montana. The LLC[…]

NROC English Three Ways


NROC’s curricular resources are media-rich, adaptable, and affordable. What’s more, they can be delivered as complete courses in a learning management system, as supplemental instruction with HippoCampus links, or via EdReady’s personalized learning pathways. Join CCCOnline instructional staff as they demonstrate how they are using NROC courses and tools to enhance developmental and college-level English.[…]

Reflecting on a Decade of OER Webinar

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | w/ Dr. Lisa Petrides (ISKME) & Dr. David A. Wiley (Lumen Learning)

Advocates of Open Educational Resources (OER) recognized early on that certain legal, technical, and social challenges would have to be addressed in order for the OER movement to have some chance at success. However, many early practitioners also assumed that the OER movement would quickly move beyond these issues and progress meaningfully toward implementing best[…]