It Takes Grit! Preparing Students for College-level Academics and More


Hear how Academic Foundations Students at the University of New Mexico learn about concepts including GRIT, Growth Mindset, and perseverance, while studying reading, writing, and math through programs incorporating EdReady and Open Educational Resources. Discover mindset intervention tools that can be paired with any discipline to help learners of all ages set and accomplish long-term[…]

ACT CollegeReady Webinar

Introducing ACT CollegeReady: Supporting New Models for College Placement

Personalizing math and English review before college admission has proven a powerful alternative to traditional college placement methods. Through a collaboration with NROC, ACT now offers ACT® CollegeReady™ to support student success with a student-centered approach to readiness. Student paths to mastery are accelerated through individualized instruction informed by real-time feedback and data reporting. Learn[…]

Measuring Academic and Personal Growth

Implementing Personalized Learning for Academic and Personal Growth

Are your personalized learning initiatives enhancing your students’ academic and personal goals? Recently, via EdSurge, Elizabeth Anthony shared “How to Measure Success Without Academic Achievement,” asserting that we should expand our personalized learning initiatives to impact more than what’s typically evaluated in the classroom. So, how do we ensure students’ growth expands beyond a grade?[…]