Invigorate Your Impact a webinar series about scaling and partnerships


Explore our on-demand webinar series concerning scaling and partnership practices that are bettering student outcomes and evolving equity and access. Scaling For Impact: EdReady at Ivy Tech Community College | ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Learn how the Ivy Prep program at the state community college of Indiana is helping incoming learners efficiently transition into Gateway Math and[…]

It Takes Grit! Preparing Students for College-level Academics and More


Hear how Academic Foundations Students at the University of New Mexico learn about concepts including GRIT, Growth Mindset, and perseverance, while studying reading, writing, and math through programs incorporating EdReady and Open Educational Resources. Discover mindset intervention tools that can be paired with any discipline to help learners of all ages set and accomplish long-term[…]

Applying EdReady Math in Specialized and Alternative Settings live webinar


Ben Drewelow and Scott Wright, of Minnesota’s Intermediate District 287, share how EdReady can be implemented district wide and meet the unique needs of students in special and alternative education classrooms. Presenters: Ben Drewelow, Special Education Instructor / Innovation Coach, ISD 287, Minnesota Scott Wright, Instructional Coach / Teaching & Learning Support, ISD 287, Minnesota

Summer Programs to Propel Learners: A Webinar Series


Explore two inspiring summer learning initiatives: William Paterson University’s Summer Bridge Program and Pikes Peak Community College’s Math Attack program. Launching a Summer Bridge Program with EdReady | ON-DEMAND Data show college-ready students are more likely than their underprepared counterparts to persist and graduate with a certificate or degree. Learn how William Paterson University Academic[…]

HippoCampus Playlists for Adult Educators

Open Curricular Playlists for Adult Educators

HippoCampus Playlists Correlated to TABE 11/12 and GED High Impact Indicators The state of Kentucky recently developed instructional frameworks correlated to the new TABE 11/12 blueprints and the GED High Impact Indicators. The Mathematics and Reasoning Through Language Arts frameworks are bolstered by customized HippoCampus playlists. HippoCampus is an ever-evolving repository of vetted multimedia learning[…]

Watch the on-demand Creating New Paths to College Credentials for Working Adults webinar now

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Creating New Paths to College Credentials for Working Adults

Hear from academic leaders at two innovative online colleges that are implementing policies and programs that honor working adults’ experiences and needs. From personalized support to competency-based instruction, learn how NROC Math and English resources and EdReady support efforts to refresh learners’ dormant academic skills and position them to earn college credentials that will improve[…]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Closing the Equity Gap and Opening Doors for First-Generation College Students

Closing the Equity Gap and Opening Doors for First-Generation College Students Enjoy our conversation with two thought leaders who are inspiring national conversations about promoting first-generation student success. We discuss practices and policies that are accelerating college completion rates and delivering employers a diverse and capable talent pipeline. Jim Larimore is Chief Officer for the Center for[…]

Photograph of Dr. Ahrash Bissell

Dr. Ahrash Bissell Named President of the Monterey Institute of Technology and Education

Dr. Ahrash Bissell was recently named President of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE), the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization behind The NROC Project (NROC), an initiative focused on developing open and low-cost learning technologies designed to improve student access and equity. Dr. Bissell joins the firm’s executive leadership team at a critical juncture in[…]