Differentiating Math Instruction for Adult Students

The Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) is an adult basic literacy education service offered through the Missoula County Public Schools Adult Education
Division. The LLC prepares students to pass high school equivalency exams, succeed in college classes, and re-enter the workforce by providing reading, writing, and math instruction at multiple locations throughout Missoula, Montana.

The LLC uses EdReady for the majority of their math instruction. The center previously used Plato courseware, but found that adult students preferred EdReady since it can offer instruction created for older students. Additionally, The LLC serves students with varying skill levels and educational goals, so they
appreciate that the EdReady diagnostic provides a personalized learning path for each student.

“A beautiful part of EdReady is that you get to listen to presentations and worked examples. We have some ESL students who either are pursuing HiSET or are just trying to improve their English and math skills. Being able to actually practice the listening piece is vital and really helps build vocabulary. It’s really rich for ESL populations” – Renee Bentham, Department Chair, Missoula County Public Schools Adult Education Division