Featured Ambassador: Donna Butler

Donna Butler, Owensboro Community and Technical College, Kentucky

Donna blazed trails using EdReady to serve incoming students at Owensboro Community and Technical College in Kentucky in a variety of ways. As the coordinator of one of the early pilot sites, Donna leveraged EdReady to support 4-day Math Boot Camps designed as a bridge experience for incoming high school graduates and adult learners. With students showing phenomenal progress in record time, she went on to explore other new approaches to accelerated review intended to prepare learners for college-level studies.

Most recently, she has had noteworthy success in using EdReady as a co-requisite on the front end of a Technical Math course. That success is leading to the expansion of the co-requisite model for other college-level math pathways courses (College Algebra and Contemporary College Math, a Quantitative Reasoning course).

We are grateful for Donna’s willingness to share her story in the form of an EdReady case study. Donna has also graciously shared her experiences at regional conferences and at the annual NROC Member Meeting.

Thank you for your rich contributions to the NROC member community, Donna!