Free and Low-Cost Courses and Tools for the New Academic Year

Did you miss any of these webinars?


Learn how institutions across the nation are using NROC courses and tools to prepare students for college success. From NROC Math and NROC English to EdReady and HippoCampus, these 30-minute webinars spotlight how-to details within the context of proven use cases.

NROC Membership Overview | Monday, August 7 

Did you know that NROC works with academic institutions to create courses and tools designed to improve college and career readiness? Join us to learn more about the benefits of an NROC membership.

NROC Math Overview | 
Tuesday, August 8

This session will introduce attendees to the NROC Developmental Math course and review the different delivery methods available. We’ll review recent improvements and some common use cases.

EdReady Overview | 
Wednesday, August 9

For anyone interested in using EdReady with their students, this demonstration is a great place to start. We’ll walk through the student experience and demonstrate EdReady’s reports. Additionally, we’ll discuss common use cases and how our members are successfully using this tool with their students. 

NROC English Overview | 
Thursday, August 10

This session will introduce attendees to the NROC Developmental English course. We’ll review how NROC English can be integrated into your curriculum and its common use cases.

HippoCampus Overview | 
Friday, August 11

HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 6,800 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas. Teachers can create a free HippoCampus account to store playlists for classroom use. 

Join us to learn more about HippoCampus and the benefits of using your custom site.