ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Adapting Digital Resources to Serve Regional Needs

Across the country, Educational Service Agencies sustain local schools districts with centralized services and customized support for innovative teaching practices that improve academic outcomes. Learn how two regional agencies (in Iowa and Minnesota) have adapted NROC Math and NROC English courses and EdReady to meet a diverse array of programmatic needs. Presenters will share how they have executed a variety of implementations, from promoting grade-level transitions in blended classrooms to credit recovery and special programs for at-risk and homebound students.


Amanda Beyer, Instructional Technology Consultant, Northwest Area Education Agency, IA

Northwest Area Education Agency (AEA) is a regional agency that provides school improvement services for students, teachers and administrators, and early childhood services. Northwest AEA staff, schools and families work together to help all children reach their potential. As an intermediate agency, Northwest AEA offers the kinds of services that can be provided most equitably, efficiently and economically on a regional or cooperative basis among school districts.

Jon Fila, Personalized Learning Facilitator, Intermediate District 287, MN

The mission of Intermediate District 287 is to be the premier provider of innovative specialized services to ensure that each member district can meet the unique learning needs of its students. Offering customized student services and educator resources so that all students get the best education possible.We are responsive to students, educators, and administrators. Our culture of innovation produces ideas that meet the unique learning needs of students and solutions to the complex business needs of our members.