Now Available: EdReady English

The NROC membership model compels staff to actively collaborate with stakeholders to imagine, develop, test, and refine solutions to education’s thorniest problems. In 2013, we introduced EdReady, a tool designed to support every learner’s unique math readiness journey. Since its launch, NROC members have adapted EdReady to support myriad use cases across secondary, postsecondary, and adult education, and the resultant data demonstrate these efforts have helped tens of thousands of students prepare for college and career.
To broaden EdReady’s utility and impact, we recently launched a second phase of development related to the integration of English curricula. Throughout 2017, we partnered with select member institutions to pilot EdReady English. Pilot participants shared encouraging feedback and uncovered opportunities to improve the user experience. In response to their observations, we updated the learning resources page layout; changed the navigation so students better understand where to go; and wrote a new set of diagnostic questions designed to streamline the student experience.
Optimization efforts are ongoing and will include: the implementation of a separate diagnostic pool of questions; providing students with more direction concerning which of the various resources they need to study; and adding options for students to achieve topic mastery more efficiently.
Whether you are still exploring EdReady’s capabilities or you were an early adopter, consider how EdReady English can help the students you serve.