States Attack College Readiness in High School

According to Complete College America, approximately 51.7% of students who enter community colleges are not ready to take college-level math or English courses. Subsequently, these learners are immediately required to complete at least one remedial course. At public colleges and universities, approximately 30% of incoming students are not college ready. Only 9.5% of these learners will graduate within 3 years.

NROC member Tennessee SAILS noted that just 17% of the state’s public high school students’ standardized test scores indicated English, math, reading, and science readiness. In the spring of 2015, Tennessee SAILS began collaborating with high school and college instructors to develop a unique, corequisite English curriculum featuring NROC’s new integrated reading and writing program. The initial pilot included 104 students from five diverse high schools. Ninety-eight percent of these learners successfully passed the course and avoided remediation.

Committed to growing access to high-quality educational opportunities, NROC is compelled to contribute to closing the achievement gap through institutional partnerships. For more information, visit our NROC English page.

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