What’s New with EdReady for 2017

EdReady in 2017

EdReady is a math and English* readiness system that employs a knowledge inventory to personalize a student’s path to subject mastery within the context of a specific educational goal (e.g. placement exam preparation).

Since its 2014 launch, NROC members have customized EdReady to support data-driven, personalized learning initiatives. Member experiences across secondary, postsecondary, and adult education have informed both subtle and significant changes to EdReady, from reporting capabilities to the inclusion of Algebra 1 and English.

EdReady differs from other personalized learning tools because its improvements are informed by and prioritized through community input. “The point of improving EdReady is to respond to the needs of the people who use it — those who are improving student success.” — Ahrash Bissell, Director of Strategic Partnerships

EdReady Algebra 1 Content

EdReady’s curricular coverage now includes NROC’s Algebra 1 content, expanding the tool’s reach by serving first-time algebra learners’ needs. Every EdReady user may now access the Algebra 1 baseline assessment featuring 12 units correlated to all state algebra frameworks and the Common Core.

EdReady will show three assessment options: Semester 1, Semester 2, and the complete scope. The initial diagnostic will cover the same learning objectives in each case and is based on the analysis by our subject matter experts.

EdReady English (Coming January 2018)

EdReady will soon include NROC’s Developmental English content, delivering on the tool’s promise to comprehensively support college math and English readiness.

EdReady English has been and continues to be shaped by NROC member pilot insights and a robust body of community and subject matter expert feedback.

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