Multicolor cubes NROC Webinar Asking the Right Questions Now Preparing for the Next Chapter of Digital Learning


As educators nationwide are required to quickly implement distance and online learning, now is the time to reflect on our springtime experiences and develop frameworks to support instruction in the 2020-21 academic year. The changing educational landscape has fostered new theories and practices that are driving the evolution of our instructional practices. In this context,[…]

Web-based resources that support virtual learning


As a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational access and equity, The NROC Project always makes free, web-based resources available to everyone. Whether you currently deliver virtual learning experiences or you are planning to deliver virtual learning experiences in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to take advantage of and[…]

NROC Webinar Kentucky Skills U Instructional Framework Series for Adult Educators


The Kentucky Skills U Instructional Framework Series was designed to provide a common instructional foundation for all of Kentucky’s adult education providers. Local adult educators (who intuitively aligned instruction with college and career readiness standards, student assessment criteria, and program performance metrics) provided the impetus for this project. Building upon the work done by local[…]

NROC Webinar Workforce-Education Partnerships to Change the Opportunity Equation


Comprehensive workforce talent pathways, aligned with industries that drive economic development, give communities the power to rally their entire workforce continuum––education, WIOA, nonprofits, and employers––to strengthen local economies. Learn how The Bridge of Southern New Mexico, and its mission-related Workforce Talent Collaborative, brought together an unprecedented set of partners to connect the people of this[…]

NROC Webinar OER Slam Favorites From the NROC Community


Pioneering NROC members are working with teachers to adapt low- and no-cost content and applications for powerful instruction in high school, college, and adult education classrooms. Learn how they are implementing their favorite open educational resources (OER) to improve student outcomes. Presenters: Jon Fila, Minnesota Intermediate District 287; Theresa Umscheid, Iowa Community College Online Consortium;[…]